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LEDUCATION 3/15/2022

LEDUCATION 3/15/2022

Visit MODA New York to see new MODA Products at LEDUCATION!

LEDUCATION 3/15/2022

Wow what a great show. Everyone I spoke to had a great time and I think we all needed to get out of the office for some real one on one face time and to see what is new in our industry. It was so nice to see our MODA friends once again for some quality time.

If you did not make it out to New York, we will be at LightSpec West in Los Angeles September 21-22 and back in New York for the ELA Trade Show October 12-13. MODA will be back for Leducation 2023.

We showed our forth coming exciting new range at Leducation.

Three new Nano models are being added to the successful Nano range. Mini Cove DMX will be replaced with RDM DMX. This family will also be getting white asymmetric, symmetric and honeycomb louvres.

Our MODA Flex series has been overhauled and will just be consolidated into a brand new Powerflex range with new LEDs matching our Nano and Mini Cove products, mew connectors, new extrusions and new drivers.

MODA Graze had been completely redesigned at every level and will replace our current line, with powerful new LEDs and new drivers.

Follow our news for further updates.


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