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MODA Bridge – 0-10V to ELV 

SLD-DimTW – Dim to Warm module for 24V Products

Moda Bridge is an Award Winning new control component from Moda. It solves many installation issues. It accepts a standard 0-10V signal from most dimmers and dimming systems and internally converts this signal into a Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) signal using Moda Cue™ Technology, an Advanced Firmware created by Moda Software Division. Thus enabling 0-10V control of an ELV fixture. It is optimized to perform precise smooth flicker free dimming down to 0%.




Dim to Warm control module enables MODA GlowDim® low voltage products to dim and change CCT at the same time using a standard 0-10V controller. This fully UL listed module is simple and easy to use and can be loaded to 240W. Smooth, flicker free dimming ideal for hospitality, healthcare, retail and residential.



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