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Being limited to only what LED die manufacturers can offer is not acceptable to us. That is why MODA invested $2M into our own packaging company back in 2010. Having the machines to create our own LEDs, just for our own products, precisely to what any high end specifier would need to enhance every environment is what we have achieved. A fixture is only as good as it components. Not all LEDs are created equal.

Huge corporations which make LEDs control the lighting industry. These companies are controlling the lighting specification market and are doing a poor job. Their focus is on smart phones, tablets, computers and televisions. This industry uses many more LEDs than the lighting sector. The lighting industry is actually very small for them. So why allow these companies to dictate what we see? Most of us are forced to accept that. But for MODA this makes no sense. Making our own LEDs to our own specifications and requirements makes a lot more sense. This is where MODA began to make our own LEDs. None of us thought we would be doing this. The LEDs that are available are red, green, blue, amber, yellow and ultra violet. All others are phosphor mixes. Having a deep knowledge and understanding of mixing phosphor allows us to produce unbeatable LEDs that give a specification grade performance tailored to the high-end lighting industry. We buy the industry leading wafers, manufacture our own components utilizing the very best phosphors from Mitsubishi, and high performance adhesives to produce our own single bin. A real 2 step MacAdam ellipse and super high color rendering index (HCRI) coupled with excellent efficacy dies. These dies are the same and have outstanding R1-R15 values and excellent TM30 results. We are able to make dies never seen before. White LEDs are blue LEDs with a mix of red and green phosphors. The CRI, R1-R15 and TM30 values are dictated by type, quality, and ratio of phosphor mix. Our 1800K (candle light) and 2200K is so clean it successfully renders vibrant colors with clarity. Our 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K will be unlike any other. 6500K will be something you have never seen before. The heavy blue hue is gone. It is pure and can now be a color to use in the right application. Our dies not only perform well but do not need to be driven hard to produce high lumen output. This keeps the dies cool and phosphor degradation to just 3% in 10 years of continual use. Mono colored dies are not just limited to the standard colors of red, green, blue, amber, yellow and ultra violet. We phosphor coat these dies to produce vibrant static colors of yellow, pink, cyan, violet, turquoise, ice blue, light green and golden yellow. Having static colors now allows a low cost, DMX free installation ideal for fast static color projects. Producing dark colors are difficult and not available, as soon as you add light the color is no longer dark. We have successfully produced two dark color - dark orange and dark blue. These will form part of our new and upcoming dark series. MODA LED - semiconductors for the lighting industry.

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To make LEDs for the lighting industry you need the best wafers, superior components and expert knowledge of phosphors and successful mixing and packaging. We have become experts in this area, phosphor mixing is an exact science and we create one of the best performing LEDs in the industry. Utilizing premium phosphor from Mitsubishi we are able to create industry leading white light, static colors and color changing LEDs. Large particle phosphors with superior adhesives. High phosphor to adhesive ratio, layered multiple times for an unparalleled performance. We stand alone in this field and create fixtures that cannot be matched, equaled or even copied with CRIs >95, R1-R15 in the high 90s and excellent TM30 results across the color chart. This unique technology was awarded a Product innovation Award 2018 for Components and is used in over 80% of our products.

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zero bin

At MODA we make our own LEDs and are not reliant on third parties. We control every aspect of their production from wafers, cups, gold wire to complex phosphors and adhesives. We run small batches are are able to make every LED the same - therefore we do not have bins like the large commercial die manufacturers have. Ensuring that every LED is the same time and time again. Bin Free for life which we call Zero Bin.

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We don’t like to be limited to optics that are available by optic manufacturers hence we took the plunge and made our own optics. Every optic used in our fixtures have been carefully designed by MODA using Cycle-Olefin Polymers. They are accurate & precise for perfect illumination. Unique use of quality Optical thermoplastics improve delivered light performance of our fixtures to enable interlocking fields of light for smooth uniform grazing and wall washing. Also there are no color over angle and no striations. You can choose from over 22 different beam angles for the perfect graze or wash for your lighting design project.

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Every MODA Product which has an onboard or remote driver has been custom designed by our Engineers to be specific to our products and is designed for long life and incredible performance. Potted with soft silicone epoxy for superior heat dissipation. The majority of our components are purchased in the United States of America. We currently have over 60 unique drivers that we are currently using to power our advanced fixtures. Designed & Developed by MODA LIGHT USA.


Besides being a forward-thinking light fixture company MODA also have an industry leading division of advanced software. Our Award-Winning technology is incorporated into many of our fixtures, programmed directly into our very own Microprocessors and dimming chips to allow for smooth, step-free, noise free and flicker free synchronized dimming down to zero percent with many of the current popular dimmers and dimming systems. We have mastered the control of electronic low voltage (ELV) dimming, 0-10v dimming (sometimes called 1-10v) and DMX512 controls with advanced firmware. MODA GLOWDIM is a smart nonlinear firmware which impeccably follows the incandescent dimming curve making tens of thousands of calculations per second to give the best rendition of dim to warm. This unparalleled technology won a Product Innovation Award (PIA) 2017 for Components and Light Sources. MODA firmware is incorporated into our DMX 512 fixtures for color changing and Dynamic White tunable applications. This allows the fixtures to perform smooth color transitions increasing the standard 255 steps to over 10,000 sub steps and protects DMX512 integrity by boosting the signal back to its original strength, eliminating the need for a repeater after 32 connections. Our technology is hidden but can be seen in the advanced performance from our fixtures. Our firmware is used to create intelligent Awards winning MODA BRIDGES - devices that utilize MODA CUE technology that allows conversion of one dimming or control signal into a completely different protocol. Our team is constantly working on new software, new techniques and new ideas so expect to see even more Award-winning industry leading products in the very near future.


Great software is just part of the puzzle. Creating your own hardware is essential at being at the forefront of our industry. In 2015 when the team sat down to design MINI COVE we were limited by the technology and resources in the market. The design of the fixture was larger than what we wanted. This was just to accommodate a universal voltage transformer 100-277V. This did not make any sense. So creating our micro sized transformer made much better sense. While creating a new transformer sounds easy enough, there are many things to take into consideration. The first issue we had to overcome was Noise. Nobody wants to hear the transformer buzzing at low dimming levels. Second No one wants radio interference. After six months we had created our very own transformer that was free from commonly seen issues like these, which allowed MINI COVE to actually be mini in size compared to others in our industry. In 2016 we began manufacturing our own dimming chip. Standard dimming chips available in the market only dimmed to 10% or if you were lucky could dim to 5%. We strive for excellence and insisted on achieving 0% dimming, anything else would not work. Hence the task of making our very own dimming chip. This unit is now integral in all of our line voltage dimming products and controls that smooth flicker free dimming we are all used to seeing with Moda fixtures. This year we also completed the production of our very first microprocessor. This is the brains in every MODA fixture. It is the computer that controls the overall performance of the fixture. The microprocessor or micro control unit (MCU) is smart. It is actively sensing voltage and or control information either 0-10V or DMX 512 (RS-485). With the various on-board algorithms controlling the fixture. We then started to make our own LEDs. This started with the frustration of the limited supply and the control that big brand die manufacturers have. Semi conductor manufacturers follow the demand. Their primary focus is televisions, tablets, smart phones and computers. This means the lighting industry is very small for them. Hence the range of dies available are limited. No manufacturer wants to make an 1800K die with a CRI of 97. The demand is just too small for them. But a lighting designer has many applications for this. It was this limitation which led us to start mixing our own phosphors and making our own dies. This has now grown to 80% of all fixtures we make have our very own LEDs. This way we control the performance, the CRI, the binning, the MacAdam ellipse, the TM30 and R1-R15 values. We make LEDs that lighting designers want.

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kwik connect

With installation time in mind MODA has developed rapid tool-less installation features into many of our products. Integral thumb latch connectors provide an easy and simple tool-less rapid fit connection between fixtures saving time and installation costs.

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Our miniature fixtures have a tool-less, self-locking, rotating mounting bracket. In its natural state the mounting brackets’ position is locked. To unlock simply push down on the bracket and the bracket unlocks enabling the installer to rotate the fixture, directing the light beam. When pressure is removed from the bracket, the bracket will lock. Simple, yet smart. Tool-less so you never need to pick up a tool. Patented self-locking smart and secure locking brackets designed exclusively for our fixtures.

circuit (1)

Microchips on our flexible linear range which regulate power to our semiconductors ensuring same uniform light output and current to each of our dies for smooth light distribution across a series of dies and a prolonged life.


This propriety new ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit technology eliminates the need for a separate driver and incorporates a specialized power on board system which replicates the same functionality as an LED board and separate driver. This technology is powered by line voltage and smartly dims the fixtures like no one has ever done before. Eliminating the need for dimming chips and microprocessors. It enables fixtures to synchronize dim from 100 percent to zero percent. The fixture size is now decreased to resemble low voltage fixtures that requires a remote driver. This is a first in our industry. The life of the fixture is increased by reducing the number of electronic components within, which reduces the heat to keep the fixtures cool. Installation is fast with simple leader cables and optional ELV dimmers. This cutting-edge technology won a Product Innovation Award (PIA) 2018 for components and controls.


Weatherproofing is something that we take very seriously at MODA. Our new silicone based gaskets allows massive compression yet can retain its original shape. This silicone resists UV and heat and allows passage of air molecules and blocks water molecules at a molecular level stopping water being drawn back into the fixture when the fixture cools.

glow dim moda

MODA GLOWDIM is a Product Innovation Award Winning 2017 (PIA 17) Technology developed by MODA LIGHT. Commonly known in the industry as dim to warm, MODA GLOWDIM is much more than just dim to warm.  GLOWDIM enabled fixtures to follow the incandescent dimming curve making tens of thousands of calculations a second creating an incredible natural smooth warm dim from 100% to 0% with most 0-10V dimmers and dimming systems. Data wiring is conventional 2 signal wires which gives the control to a standard dimming system or wall mounted dimmer enabling a simple and fast installation. No control boxes, no adapters, no DMX controls and no lighting hubs are required - just a dimmer, fixture & wire.

glow dim

Our patent pending dimming firmware enables our fixtures to dim precisely and to be flawless at the low end trim of a dimming system. Combining our advanced technology with intelligent on board MODA microprocessors and MODA dimming chips, we can create a 100-0% dimming curve with smooth, no noise, and flicker free dimming. This allows our lighting systems to be completely synchronized. Our technology has advanced into not only using firmware to precisely dim our fixtures, but to also use smart latching multiple circuits to control dimming and create an economical dimming solution. Our dimming is truly unique and is matched by no other. We have mastered this technology to produce award winning electronic low voltage fixtures (ELV), 0-10v and DMX 512 enabled fixtures. (Note: With 0-10V and ELV the performance is limited to the controls (dimming system) used).


Technology allows changing of white color temperatures from 22k-65k with CRI 90-98 and R1-R15 >90 using standard DMX 512 controllers. Sometimes called intelligent or tunable white this range is ideal for all general applications of white light. Colors are precise with R1-R15 typically in the high nineties and superior TM30 results. Colors can be easily selected and dimmed down to 0%.

DW (1)

Intelligent or tunable white fixtures which focuses on the cooler color temperatures ranging from 3500K to 6500K. Having the ability to have a narrower window of colors allows for superior color rendition in these temperatures. Keeping the CRI above 95 during the transition, R1-R15 typically in the high nineties and superior TM30 results using standard DMX 512 controllers. Colors can be easily selected and dimmed down to 0%.

DW (2)

Intelligent or tunable white fixtures which focuses on the warmer color temperatures ranging from 1800K to 3000K. Having the ability to have a narrower window of colors allows for superior color rendition in these temperatures keeping the CRI between 90-95 during the transition. R1-R15 are typically in the high nineties and superior TM30 results using standard DMX 512 controllers. Colors can be easily selected and dimmed down to 0%.


Is an Advanced Patented Technology based upon DMX512 Protocol. Auto addressing and DMX is simultaneously broadcasted using just 2 wires, hence our DMX Solutions require only a 5 wire connection without the need for any costly and time consuming data boxes. Installation is easy and fast. Simple leader and jumper cable with thumb latch connections. Within our firmware our fixtures boost the DMX signal it receives so every fixture restores the RS-485 signal to its original strength ensuring that there is no data loss. This eliminates the need for any boosters or amplifiers even after 32 connections. DMX reflection is no longer a problem as our firmware eliminates all DMX reflection so our terminators no longer require a resistor inside. This makes our new terminators are compact in size and just protect against potential electrical shock as a regular terminator. MODA DMX is simple to install and a project can be installed quickly to produce superior color or white light control.


Proprietary technology which allows conversion of one control signal to a different control signal. This technology is incorporated into our BRIDGE products. BRIDGE 1 converts a 0-10v signal into an Electronic Low Voltage signal (ELV) enabling control of all of our ELV fixtures with a standard 0-10v dimmer. This won a Product innovation Award (PIA) in 2017 for Components and Controls. BRIDGE 3 converts a DMX512 digital signal into an analogue ELV allowing computer control of simple ELV dimming fixtures. This won a Product Innovation Award Winning (PIA) 2018 for Controls and Components. Both of these devices use MODA CUE technology at their core to enable these signal conversions.

airflow (1)

Strategically designed vents incorporated around each die creates a natural air flow. This air movement naturally cools the dies and the fixture which decreases LED phosphor degradation, increases longevity of the driver and the lifetime of our fixtures.

thermal (1)

By separating the driver from the LED board heat can naturally radiate through the fixture increasing the L70 of the fixture. Under driving the dies to a maximum of 60% of their capacity produces little heat eliminating the need for large heat sinks, which allows for a smaller fixture, longer life and limited phosphor degradation.


CRI is only focused on R1 to R8 colors. But what about the other colors? Many will ask for CRI and R9 values, but this is only part of the picture. Creating our own LEDs allows us to precisely control the rendition of colors. This is vital for the Lighting Industry. Our dies produce incredible R1-R15 values and we have focused on the 99 colors in the TM30-15 chart to make sure our fixtures recreate colors exactly and precisely as they should be seen.


We should all have the best light performance that technology allows for. Packaging our own dies and mixing our own phosphors gives us the ability to make LEDs specific for our products and the specification lighting industry. We are first and unequalled with the ability to Color Rendering Index’s typically in the high 90s without sacrificing efficacy.  Precisely what the lighting specifier needs. This is standard within our range and we make no up charges giving you the very best a fixture can be.

"Don't settle for less, expect the best"

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