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NEW MINI COVE DMX-RDM now available.



MODA light is delighted to announce the launch of our next generation of MODA MINI COVE® DMX fixtures with RDM-enabled (Remote Device Management) functionality. Our color changing, Dynamic White and Glow Dim ranges will all be available as RDM-enabled, offering a wealth of new features and advantages to the installer and user.

The multiple award-winning MODA MINI COVE® series utilizes a small physical package that delivers impressive light output, efficacy and light quality which will grace any interior cove, alcove or accent lighting application. Available in 1ft and 4ft sizes and with a profile of under 1 ¼” tall, these intelligent digital cove fixtures produce striking color washes for every occasion.

“We have always known our Mini Cove DMX series was an innovative and exemplary addition to our range, and the increase in the number of high-profile architectural projects we are working in partnership with means developing RDM capability in these fixtures will help specifiers, programmers and installers to continue to choose MODA MINI COVE® every time” said MODA Light CEO, Mark Samson.

MODA light DMX-RDM fixtures offer all the features of DMX512 control, with the added bonus of bi-directional communication to provide improved access to the fixtures during installation, commissioning and property management phases.

The specific benefits of RDM (Remote Device Management) include*:

  • Fixture discovery of all RDM-enabled devices on the network• Remote DMX addressing – identify, address and patch fixtures

  • Device details

  • Device State

  • Monitoring of lamp hours

  • Fault reporting – such issues as “Over Voltage”

  • Firmware updates

Each DMX-RDM fixture has a Unique Identifier Number, plus Device Name and Description so that you know exactly which product you are communicating with. DMX-RDM fixtures can be customized in several ways including fixture name, DMX address, start-up color and firmware version.

These features will also be available on the MODA MINI GRAZE INTERIOR Dynamic White and Glow Dim DMX-RDM models – ideal for interior grazing and wall washing installations.

*Not all RDM Controllers will have all features or functionality listed here. Check with the controller manufacturer to establish its range of functio


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