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NEW NANO HO 120V & SO 277V

We are delighted to announce that our Mini Graze DMX Glowdim and Dynamic White fixtures are now RDM-enabled. Following the introduction of RDM-enabled Mini Cove fixtures in early 2023, the Mini Graze equivalents now also offer the same enhanced performance and features:

MODA light DMX-RDM fixtures offer all the features of DMX512 control, with the added bonus of bi-directional communication to provide improved access to the fixtures during installation, commissioning and property management phases.

The specific benefits of RDM (Remote Device Management) include*:

  • Fixture discovery of all RDM-enabled devices on the network

  • Remote DMX addressing – identify, address and patch fixtures

  • Device details

  • Device State

  • Monitoring of lamp hours

  • Fault reporting – such issues as “Over Voltage”

  • Firmware updates

Each DMX-RDM fixture has a Unique Identifier Number, plus Device Name and Description so that you know exactly which product you are communicating with. DMX-RDM fixtures can be customized in several ways including fixture name, DMX address, start-up color and firmware version.

Mini Graze® Glowdim® Interior is an award-winning, patented, miniature line voltage graze lighting system that combines the uniquely designed grazing optics of Mini Graze with the industry-leading Glowdim technology. Glowdim technology enables fixtures when wired to a DMX controller to transition at 100% from 2700K down to 1800K or 3000K to 2200K when dimmed. Generally called “Dim to Warm”, this feature strongly resembles incandescent illumination and transforms restaurants, bars and any hospitality location creating moods and warm environments.

Mini Graze® Interior Dynamic White, our new DMX-RDM-enabled fixtures, is available as 1800K-3000K Dynamic Warm and 2200K-6500K Dynamic White. Ideal for graze applications where high-quality, tunable white is a requirement. Advanced Moda microprocessors allow the fixtures to be controlled via standard DMX512 signals. This, together with a non-linear dimming algorithm results in ultra-smooth transitions and dimming across the white light spectrum.

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