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AIA LAS VEGAS 9/28/2022

AIA LAS VEGAS 9/28/2022

Visit MODA at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on September 28, 2022

AIA LAS VEGAS 9/28/2022

The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architecture profession dedicated to: Serving its members, Advancing their value, and Improving the quality of the built environment.

Las Vegas has a 100-year history of attracting unconventional, strongly independent individuals. This city was built by those who have dared to dream beyond the ordinary and dared to risk everything on their ideas and abilities. The architects and design professionals who have chosen Las Vegas as their home clearly exhibit these attributes in abundance. So it is something of a miracle that in 1956 a handful of maverick-type architects joined together to establish the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is even more amazing that today, 60 years later, the Chapter is still a vital entity in the community with over 500 architects and design professionals who proudly proclaim membership in AIA Las Vegas.

While 1956 is the official year the Chapter was established, the story actually begins many years earlier. Back in 1939 in Reno architects who were already practicing in Reno and Las Vegas, joined together to form the Nevada State Association of Architects. This group recognized the growing need for a regulatory body and their sole stated purpose was “establishing laws to protect the profession and raise the standard of architecture in Nevada.”


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